How to fix Class 'Meneses\LaravelMpdf\LaravelMpdfServiceProvider' not found  in laravel

How to fix Class 'Meneses\LaravelMpdf\LaravelMpdfServiceProvider' not found in laravel

Hello everyone, in this post, i will share how to fix recent PDF error in your laravel 5,6,7,8, & 9 project.

If you face this error, you should follow below instructions.

Step-1 :

Delete composer.json file from project. After deleting composer.json file, you need to install latest pdf package



Install the latest version of mPDF. Run below command-

composer require mpdf/mpdf

After running this command, you need to update composer.

If your Laravel project below 5.5, you need to manually add provider and aliases:


'providers' => [

'PDF' => Mccarlosen\LaravelMpdf\Facades\LaravelMpdf::class,


composer update

I hope, you will fixed your issue if you followed this instructions.

Thank you for your time.

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