Laravel Carbon Get Day from Date Example

I will give an example of using Laravel's Carbon library to get the day from a date. You can use any laravel version of Laravel 5, Laravel 6, Laravel 7, Laravel 8, Laravel 9, and Laravel 10.

use Carbon\Carbon;

// Create a new Carbon instance from a date string
$dateString = '2022-03-07';
$carbon = new Carbon($dateString);

// Get the day of the week as a number (0 for Sunday, 6 for Saturday)
$dayOfWeek = $carbon->dayOfWeek;

// Get the day of the month as a number (1-31)
$dayOfMonth = $carbon->day;

// Get the day of the year as a number (1-365)
$dayOfYear = $carbon->dayOfYear;

// You can also get the day name as a string using the format() method
$dayName = $carbon->format('l'); // "Monday"

// Output the results
echo "Day of the week: $dayOfWeek\n";
echo "Day of the month: $dayOfMonth\n";
echo "Day of the year: $dayOfYear\n";
echo "Day name: $dayName\n";

This code will output the following:

Day of the week: 1
Day of the month: 7
Day of the year: 66
Day name: Monday

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