How to Format numbers to nearest thousands in php

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In this article, you can learn how to display numbers in Kilo, Millions, Billions, or Trillion Format. Sometimes, we need to format numbers into a currency format. It will help you to generate a custom currency format. Let's see a code example:

// Defining function
function numberFormatToCurrency($number) {

    if( $number > 1000 ) {
        $number_round = round($number);
        $number_format = number_format($number_round);
        $num_array = explode(',', $number_format);
        $format_parts = array('k', 'm', 'b', 't');
        $count_parts = count($num_array) - 1;
        $num_display = $number_round;
        $num_display = $num_array[0] . ((int) $num_array[1][0] !== 0 ? '.' . $num_array[1][0] : '');
        $num_display .= $format_parts[$count_parts - 1];
        return $num_display;

    return $number;
// Function calling
echo  numberFormatToCurrency(3000);



I hope it will help you to format numbers into currency.

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